The 144 Paths: Aries South Node – Libra North Node Through the Houses

Aries – 1st House South Node : Libra – 7th House North Node

Came into life knowing you could take care of yourself ardently, competitively, as a leader. Are learning to give over some of your power to others – for example, a significant other, very close friends, an open enemy – diplomatically, with fairness, in a cultured manner.

Aries – 2nd house South Node : Libra – 8th house North Node

Came into this life knowing how to use initiating energy to make money for yourself, how to pioneer your value systems, how to go out and support yourself. Are learning how to use refinement to get support from others, how to use mathematical methods to make money for others, how to maintain balance in the face of desperation or death.

Aries – 3rd house South Node : Libra – 9th house North Node

Came into this life knowing how to be competitive, pioneering, and a leader in your local environment, with your siblings, in factual matters, with your cars, as a teacher. Are learning a balanced approach to seeking broader horizons, e.g. approaching a religious belief system peacefully, bringing the energy of harmony to bear on the joint ideas of humanity, being cultured while traveling to foreign locales or dealing with foreigners, seeing relationships inherent in your life philosophy.

Aries – 4th house South Node : Libra – 10th house North Node

Came into this world knowing how to use martial energy to protect the home and homeland, knowing how to be innovative at things like gardening, mothering, and cooking. Are learning to be concerned about you outside reputation and to build a reputation as a person who is fair, peace oriented, and beautiful.

Aries – 5th house South Node : Libra – 11th house North Node

Came into this world knowing how to grab the spotlight competitively, aggressively, how to pour energy into creations, how to actively play. Are learning to set balanced and fair goals for yourself, to make friends with charm and refinement, to be a detached member of the audience.

Aries – 6th house South Node : Libra – 12th house North Node

Came into this world knowing how to be energetically useful, to be actively busy, to put your energy into living in and by the world. Are learning to withdraw from the world with peace, to bring beauty to bear on the inner world, to relax culturally and socially.

Aries – 7th house South Node : Libra – 1st house North Node

Came into this world knowing how to initiate relationships, how to bring initiative to bear on giving power over to others, how to be aggressive with open enemies. Are learning to be gracious in your personality, to make your body beautiful, to be fair in your actions.

Aries – 8th house South Node : Libra – 2nd house North Node

Came into this world knowing competitive, angry desperation, leadership when it comes to the occult, being first when it comes to being supported by others. Are learning to build your own value system based on fairness and harmony, to apply charm and balance to earn your own money, to buy and sell beautiful possessions.

Aries – 9th house South Node : Libra – 3rd house North Node

Came into this world knowing pioneering religious beliefs, an assertive life philosophy, energetic world travel. Are learning to approach your local environment beautifully, to approach your siblings and cousins lovingly, to get out and about in your local environment charmingly and fairly.

Aries – 10th house South Node : Libra – 4th house North Node

Came into this world knowing how to be energetic in the public eye, how to be pioneering in your profession, how to lead in management. Are learning how to make a beautiful home, to protect your family charmingly, to recognize your roots in a balanced way.

Aries – 11th house South Node : Libra – 5th house North Node

Came into this world knowing how to be assertive making friends and in groups, energetic in setting goals, pioneering in your aspirations. Are learning to play beautifully, to perform harmoniously, to create in a balanced way, to be on stage rather than in the audience – peacefully, to be sweet to children.

Aries – 12th house South Node : Libra – 6th house North Node

Came into this world knowing the competitive power of behind the scenes actions, withdrawing from the world into self awareness, being angrily self destructive, being pioneering in your sorrow. Are learning staying busy and involved in a balanced way, bringing harmony and beauty to bear on your daily routines, finding relationships in and at your work.

The 144 paths: Introduction

In the next series of blog posts, I will describe the 144 possible combinations of South Node / North Node sign and house placements, starting with the South Node in Aries and the North Node in Libra through the houses.  In astrology, signs, for example Aries and Libra, represent adjectives or approaches, while houses, for example the first house and the seventh house, represent persons, places and things or nouns.   The 144 paths that I describe are mainly based on keywords for the 12 signs and the 12 houses.