The 144 Paths: Cancer South Node – Capricorn North Node Through the Houses

Cancer – 1st house South Node : Capricorn – 7th house North Node

Came into this world knowing about caring for your physical body, moody in your awareness, protective in your personality.  Are learning to be fearful of or disciplined in giving your power over to others, to be professional with open enemies, to be organized in your marriage and other partnerships.

Cancer – 2nd house South Node : Capricorn – 8th house North Node

Came into this world with a sharp emotional approach to your money, protective about your possessions, fickle about your values.  Are learning to be disciplined with other persons’ money, a sharp practical approach to desperation, caution with sex and taxes.

Cancer – 3rd house South Node : Capricorn – 9th house North Node

Came into this world knowing how to be protective of your neighborhood, to care for you siblings and cousins, to be impulsively emotional in grade school, to have a good memory for facts.  Are learning to be impulsively practical in expanding out away from your neighborhood, to be disciplined in putting together a belief system, to show caution with the foreign.

Cancer – 4th house South Node : Capricorn – 10th house North Node

Came into this world knowing a safe, comfy home, a caring other sex parent, sharp emotionality about your heritage.  Are learning to cautiously find a place for yourself in the outside world, to be respective toward your same sex parent, to be disciplined in your career.

(Here, I am not taking into account marriages between homosexuals.  Also, there is controversy in the astrological community as to which parent is assigned to which house.  The 4th and 10th houses, however, are the houses of the parents.)

Cancer – 5th house South Node : Capricorn – 11th house North Node

Came into this world tuned into fun and games in an actively emotional way, knowing about being shyly center stage, being protective in romances.  Are learning to take making friends seriously, be disciplined in setting goals, be an actively practical member of the audience.

Cancer – 6th house South Node : Capricorn – 12th house North Node

Came into this world with a good memory for statistics, comfortable when busy, getting emotional security from your daily work.  Are learning to relax in a structured way, to learn the hierarchy behind the scenes, to be managerial in hospitals, to withdraw cautiously.

Cancer – 7th house South Node : Capricorn – 8th house North Node

Came into this world sharply emotional with regard to enemies, protective of close friends, caring toward the public.  Are learning to control your body, take your own power seriously, project a managerial personality.

Cancer – 8th house South Node : Capricorn – 2nd house North Node

Came into this world knowing sharply emotional desperation, with a caring attitude toward other people’s money, impulsively emotionally protective of the dying.  Are learning to be serious about your own money, to be sharply practical about your values, to be managerial when it comes to your self-worth.

Cancer – 9th house South Node : Capricorn – 3rd house North Node

Came into this world mothering toward the foreign, protective of religion, emotionally attuned to explore and expand.  Are learning to be careful with facts and figures, to take your siblings and cousins seriously, to climb local hills.

Cancer – 10th house South Node : Capricorn – 4th house North Node

Came into this life knowing impulsively emotional achievement, patriotic worldly status, a reputation for gentleness.  Are learning to focus managerially on your home, to be disciplined with regard to gardening, to be strict as a caretaker.

Cancer – 11th house South Node : Capricorn – 5th house North Node

Came into this world knowing fickleness around goals, protectiveness toward friends, motherly type aspirations.  Are learning to be disciplined in taking center stage, serious with children, professional in your creations.

Cancer – 12th house South Node : Capricorn – 6th house North Node

Came into this world moodily withdrawn, caring about the downtrodden, with a sense of emotional loss, finding comfort in sleep.  Are learning to take your daily routines seriously, to be ambitiously busy, to be professional with regard to your health, to be strict with small animals.