A Comment on a Froma Harrop op-ed

I usually enjoy and agree with what Froma Harrop writes in her op-ed’s, but the op-ed on May 23 – Grace in humiliation – bothered me.  I guess Monica Lewinsky has written a book and I guess ‘professional feminists’ are making fun of her.  I would not wish the horrors of what society does to women for having sex on anyone, I am experienced, so Lewinsky has my sympathy there – but I would not get involved with a married man whose wife had not left him either.

I read a biography of Hillary Clinton a number of years ago.  Apparently Bill Clinton is an inveterate philanderer.  According to the book, Clinton could not keep his hands off of many women.

There is an interesting astrological bit about the natal charts of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  They have the Sun, Moon, and Ascendent in the same signs, respectively.  This occurs in about 1 out of 1728 charts.  My source is Astrodatabank.  They both have Libra rising, Sun in Leo, and Moon in Taurus.  (There is a big difference between the charts in that Clinton’s Sun is in the 11th and Moon is in the 8th while Lewinsky’s Sun is in the 10th and Moon is in the 7th.  Clinton is more association and power oriented while Lewinsky is more profession and partner oriented.)

Here is where my paranoid sniffer comes in.  The Republicans certainly knew that Clinton was a philanderer.  Also, the Republicans practically deify Reagan, who was known to take astrology seriously.  I am wondering if Lewinsky is a Republican operative chosen for her astrological placements as one who would interest and attract Clinton.  That she did not exploit the scandal six years ago when Hillary Clinton was running would suggest not, but that she is publishing a book now makes me suspicious.  So to Ms. Harrop, thank you for your column, but be a little suspicious.  Things are not always what they seem.


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