Telemedicine for abortions outlawed in Iowa

Recently the Iowa Board of Medicine outlawed using telemedicine for abortions using pills.  The coverage on television had statements from Planned Parenthood and a anti-abortion spokeswoman.  The anti-abortion woman ended with the statement that Iowa women are now safer.  I do not think this is true.

Abortion at the early stages of pregnancy is very minor with little risk.  As the pregnancy progresses, abortions are riskier.  I am not sure, but I suspect the risk increases until the riskiest event of all – birth.  I am quite certain that, with the ban on telemedicine abortions, women will be having abortions later in the pregnancy – therefore be at a greater health risk.  This is because, I suspect, it would usually take more time to arrange to get to a city with an abortion provider.


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