I am an atheist.  I have been since age 14.  At 14, I felt science was explaining most of what had been explained by religion.  I am 63 now and still feel that way, although my personal view has changed somewhat.  I have experienced little yet that cannot be explained by conscious people (or animals) doing conscious things.

I have an interest in the arcane arts (astrology, numerology, palmistry, fortune telling) and feel there eventually will be a scientific understanding of these arts.  At the same time, I am mainly interested in what is rather than what is believed about what is.  I bring this up because I am going to say something about predictions of the future.

I am certain that there are people who can see the future.

Here is my political spiel:  Two predictions interest me with regard to climate change; the biblical prediction that the world will end by fire and the Edgar Cayce prediction that the map of the USA would shrink, with the coasts far inland from where the coasts are now.  Both predictions are consistent with the causes and consequences of climate change.

The majority of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to human activity are the result of combustion – fire.  As a result of the heating due to the greenhouse gases, the sea level will rise.  I have read predictions of a rise over centuries of as high as 45 feet.

From a show I saw on President Reagan, Reagan thought that the fire prediction was about the atomic bomb.  As president, he rejected the movement away from fossil fuel energy that Carter had started.  Thus, we are far behind where we should be with regard to energy and the world is really at great risk.

I am afraid Cayce’s coasts mean the Republicans will win control of our legislative and executive branches with the help of the energy industry and other industries that depend on the energy industry.  I am afraid the Republicans will do nothing about climate change.

One reads that predictions are not set in stone, that the future can change.  (And to change course based on a prediction can have the opposite consequence of that desired.  Witness Reagan.)  I do not know.  I hope futures can change.

Back to me: I am a scientist, with degrees in physics and statistics, and understand the physics behind the greenhouse effect.


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