US Chart Comparison – Moon Phase

In this post, I look at the Sun/Moon phase in the constitution and Sibly charts.  Phases are a technique used in astrology related to the cycle of the Moon.  For phases, the circle is divided onto eight equal size segments of 45 degrees arc each.  To find the phase between two points, the slower point is used as the starting point and the number of degrees in longitude is measured to the faster moving point, in the counter-clockwise direction.  The phase is then based on in which segment the faster point falls.

The eight phases in order are the new, crescent, first quarter, gibbous, full, disseminating, last quarter, and balsamic phases.  The new phase is about beginnings and initiative; the crescent phase is about the initial gathering of information and moving out into the world with regard to the beginning; the first quarter is related to struggle and the putting down of foundations with regard to the beginning; the gibbous phase has to do with readjusting, crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s.

The full phase is about fulfilment and the releasing of what as been accomplished; the disseminating phase is about promoting what has been accomplished; the last quarter is about struggle and achievement in the outside world with regard to what has been accomplished; the balsamic phase is about letting go in preparation for a new beginning, and can include sorrow, loss, and a sense of helplessness.

For the Sun and the Moon, the distance is found from the Sun to the Moon.  In a chart, the phase of the Moon tells the approach the entity takes toward its existence and the outer world.  The phase of the constitution chart, with the Sun at 15 Pisces and the Moon at 5 Gemini, is crescent.  The phase of the Sibly chart, with the Sun at 14 Cancer and the Moon at 28 Aquarius, is full.

For the constitution chart, the crescent phase indicates a country that is exploring, moving out, gathering resources.  For the Sibly chart, the full phase (the phase was full all that day up until shortly after the 5:10 PM time) indicates a country that is releasing itself outward, always working toward fulfilment.

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