USA Chart Comparison: The Second House

Saturn was in Pisces and the third house at the time the constitution went into effect, conjunct the fourth house cusp and the Sun in Pisces in the fourth house, square Chiron in Gemini in the seventh house, and sesquiquadrate Juno in Libra in the eleventh house.  These three aspects, the conjunction (zero degrees), the square (ninety degrees) and the sesquiquadrate (one hundred thirty five degrees) are aspects that bring activity, so the energy behind our economy is forceful and active.

With Saturn in the third house conjunct the Sun across the Nadir, our economy and values (second house) would be driven by our governing (Saturn) idealistically (Pisces), out of ideas (third house).  The governing by ideas is done for the purpose (Saturn near the fourth house cusp) of having a compassionate (Pisces) body public (fourth house) and the governing (Saturn) is very tightly tied in with idealistically (Pisces) taking pride (the Sun) in our homeland (fourth house).  So taking pride (the Sun) in the homeland (fourth house)  at the same time as governing (Saturn) would affect our economy and our values (second house).

With Saturn square Chiron in the seventh house in Gemini, we would be achieving (waning square) something with regard to reasoning (Chiron) logically (Gemini) about our allies and open enemies (seventh house) through our governing (Saturn) idealistically (Pisces) .  The strain of achievement would affect our economy (the second house) through our governing (Saturn).

With Saturn sesquiquadrate Juno in the eleventh house in Libra, we would have the energy available (sesquiquadrate) to govern (Saturn) in such a way that we equitably (Libra) court (Juno) our friends (eleventh house).  The courting (Juno) would affect our values and economy (Saturn ruling the second) through our governing (Saturn).

In the Sibly chart, the second house also has Capricorn on the cusp, so we would still approach our values and economy in a serious and disciplined way.  However Saturn, the ruler of the second house, is in the tenth house in Libra instead of in the third house in Pisces.  Also there are three points in the second house in the Sibly chart, Vulcan in Aquarius, Pluto in Capricorn, and the South Node in Aquarius.  I have read that, when interpreting a house, points in the house takes precedence over the ruler, so that is where I will start.

Vulcan is in Aquarius, so we would be friendly (Aquarius) in seeking treaties (Vulcan) and the area of focus of our treaty making (Vulcan) would be our money, resources, and values (second house).  Vulcan is sesquiquadrate Venus in the seventh house in Cancer, inconjunct the mean Lilith in the ninth house in Virgo, and trine Juno in the eleventh house in Libra.  While the sesquiquadrate (one hundred thirty five degrees) adds some energy, the trine (one hundred twenty degrees) is an easy aspect and the inconjunct (one hundred fifty degrees – also known as a quincux) relates more to stalemate than action.

There is energy to be found (sesquiquadrate) between being intuitive (Aquarius) in making treaties (Vulcan) about money (second house) and being careful (Cancer) in making money (Venus) through treaties (seventh house).  The energy would release from time to time.

There would be a relationship of anxiety (inconjunct) between our friendly (Aquarius) peacekeeping (Vulcan) in the area of our values (second house) and our feministing (Lilith) analytically (Virgo) in the area of religion, law, foreigners, and higher education (ninth house).

At the same time, there would be an easy flow of energy (trine) between equitably (Libra) courting (Juno) our friends (eleventh house) and fraternally (Aquarius) harmonizing (Vulcan) our values (second house).

Pluto is in Capricorn.  We would be disciplined (Capricorn) in powering (Pluto) our country out of our resources (second house).  Pluto is semisquare the Ascendent in Scorpio and opposite the Part of Fortune in Cancer in the eighth house.

I would say we would find ourselves irritated (semisquare) as we integrate our power hungry personality (Scorpio Ascendent) with powering (Pluto) our country out of our resources (second house).

The Part of Fortune indicates what would make us wealthy and happy.  Opposite Pluto and in the eight house and Cancer, wealth and happiness (the Part of Fortune) might come from fulfilling (opposition) our power urges (Pluto) through carefully (Cancer) joining in the world economy (eight house).

The South Node in Aquarius in the second house would indicate that we are coming out of the an area of radical, intellectual (Aquarius) wealth (second house).  The South Node is sesquiquadrate Mars in the seventh house in Gemini and Neptune in the ninth house in Virgo (which two are square each other) and inconjunct Jupiter in the seventh house in Cancer.

The aspect pattern with the Nodes, Mars, and Neptune is a close pattern.  The tension (square) between battling (Mars) logically (Gemini) in peace and war (seventh house) and idealizing (Neptune) analytically (Virgo) in the area of our beliefs (ninth house) would release through the inherent (South Node) radical (Aquarius) values (second house) that we would be coming from and through the prideful (Leo) power (eighth house) we would be going toward (North Node).

The Nodes semisextile and inconjunct Jupiter in the seventh house in Cancer would indicate that we would have an anxious (inconjunct) time carefully (Cancer) trusting (Jupiter) our allies (seventh house) when it comes to poor timing and unpopularity (South Node) with regard to our intellectual (Aquarius) resources (second house).  But we would find growth (semisextile) between carefully (Cancer) trusting (Jupiter) our allies and good timing (North Node) with regard to proud (Leo) support from others (eight house).

While Pluto and Vulcan would be considered co-rulers of the second house due to their presence there, Saturn is the primary ruler of the house since Capricorn is on the cusp of the house.  In the Sibly chart, Saturn was in the tenth house in Libra.  Our approach to our finances (second house) would come out of fair and balanced (Libra) governing (Saturn) in the area of our authority (tenth house).

Saturn makes one aspect, the waning square to the Sun in Cancer in the seventh house.  There would be tension (square) between governing (Saturn) fairly from the top (tenth house) and carefully (Cancer) leading (Sun) our allies and open enemies (seventh house).  Since the square is a waning square, we would have something to achieve when it comes to taking pride (the Sun) with regard to our governing (Saturn).  Since the aspect is an active aspect, the tension would provide energy behind our conservative (Capricorn) approach to our economy (second house).

It is interesting to note that in both charts, Saturn is in a tight active aspect with the Sun.  With Capricorn ruling the second in both charts and Leo ruling the ninth house in both charts, the strong aspects between the Sun and Saturn in both charts indicate a strong connection between our beliefs (ninth house) and our economy (second house).  Also, in both charts the Sun is angular (in the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house), though more so in the constitution chart, since in the Sibly chart, the Sun is quite close to the eighth house cusp, while in the constitution chart the Sun is right on the fourth house cusp.