USA Chart Comparison: The Third House

In this post I look at the third houses of the constitution and Sibly charts for the USA.  The third house is the lower left wedge in the chart.  The house represents, among other things, our neighbors, our grade and high schools, our methods of local transportation, and our ideas.

The Constitution Chart

Following the same steps as with the second house and looking at the points in the house first, I start with Venus.  Venus in the third house indicates that we value our education, our cars, our ideas, to name some third house matters.  Venus is also about making money.  We would take an radical approach toward making money out of our ideas.

Mars was in the third house in Aquarius.  Mars is about battling, pioneering, and energizing.  In Aquarius, the energy is electrical or social.  When it comes to our ideas, our schools, our cars (third house) we would battle (Mars) in an electrical or high tech (Aquarius) way.  Mars was square the Ascendent and Vulcan, both in Scorpio, at the time the constitution went into effect.  Mars was also trine the asteroid Juno in the eleventh house and Libra.

The Ascendent was in a waning square to Mars (the Ascendent moves quickly – much faster than Mars).  Our appearance and personality (first house) would be achieving something (waning square) with regard to acting (Mars) on our ideas, modes of transportation, and schools (third house).

Mars was in a waxing square to Vulcan.  We would be putting down roots (waxing square) with regard to emotionally intense (Scorpio) negotiating (Vulcan) behind the scenes (twelfth house) through struggling (square) with acting (Mars) in a forward looking way (Aquarius) in the area of local transportation (third house).

Mars was in a waxing trine to the asteroid Juno.  We would be creating (waxing trine) something with regard to our radical (Aquarius) ideas (third house) through lovingly (Libra) drawing in (Juno) our friends (eleventh house).


Saturn was in Pisces just on the cusp of the fourth house, but in the third house.  Saturn for a country represents governing, taking responsibility, and dealing with fear, among other things.  With Saturn in the third house we would govern (Saturn) out of ideas (third house), take responsibility for (Saturn) local transportation (third house), deal with fears (Saturn) in our neighborhoods (third house).  With Saturn on the cusp of the fourth house, we would do these things because we want to have a homeland or for patriotism (fourth house).  In Pisces, Saturn acts compassionately, idealistically, maybe confusingly, nebulously, or deceptively.

Saturn was conjunct the Sun and nadir, square Chiron in the seventh house in Gemini, and sesquiquadrate Juno in the eleventh house in Libra.  So, governing (Saturn) is tightly tied (conjunction) with leading (Sun) and patriotism (fourth house cusp), governing (Saturn) struggles (square) with serving (Chiron), and governing (Saturn) energizes (sesquiquadrate) the making of overtures (Juno).  See the post on the second house for a more complete delineation of the aspects.


Pluto was in the third house in Aquarius and does not make any close aspects.  Pluto is the energy of controlling psychically, terrorizing and being terrorized, digging to get at the root of, among other things.  In the third house, we would control psychically (Pluto) through our ideas (third house), terrorize (Pluto) through means of locomotion (third house), dig to get at the roots of (Pluto) our schools or neighborhoods (third house).  In Aquarius, the controlling, terrorizing, and digging would be done airily, intellectually, in a friendly way.  Since Pluto does not make any close aspects, the controlling, terrorizing, and digging would not be closely tied to other energies – would have a life of their own.

Mean Lilith

The mean Lilith (here mean means average, not hurtful) was in the third house in Aquarius.  Lilith represents – to me at least – the energy of feminism and freedom and equality for women.  With Lilith in the third house in Aquarius, we would do feministing (Lilith) radically (Aquarius) in our neighborhood locales and in our communications (third house).  Lilith was trine Neptune in the eleventh house and Libra, and sextile Pallas in the first house in Sagittarius.

Lilith trine Neptune indicates there would be an easy flow (trine) between our ingenious (Aquarius) feministing (Lilith) in our media (third house) and the balanced (Libra) idealizing (Neptune) of our goals (eleventh house).  Pallas in sextile to Lilith indicates our friendly (Aquarius) feministing (Lilith) would give opportunities (sextile) for optimistically (Sagittarius) forging into business (Pallas).

Uranus as Ruler

We now come to the ruler of the third house.  The constitution chart has Aquarius on the third house.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which was in the eighth house of the constitution chart in Leo.  Uranus represents, among other things, aspiring, goal setting, electrifying.  The eighth house is the house of joint resources.  Uranus in the eighth house and Leo would say the energy behind our communications, vehicles, neighborhoods, and schools (third house) is creative (Leo) aspiring (Uranus) in the area of joint money, internally and externally to the country (eighth house).

Uranus was semisquare Chiron in the seventh house in Gemini, square Juno in the eleventh house in Libra, square Vesta in the eleventh house in Scorpio, trine the North Node in the first house in Sagittarius, sextile the South Node in the seventh house in Gemini, and trine the Ascendent in Scorpio.  With a mix of active and easy aspects, there would be both activity and luck in the energy behind our vehicles, neighborhoods, media, communications, and schools.

The semisquare to Chiron in Gemini would indicate some friction (semisquare) between aspiring (Uranus) and laboring (Chiron) intellectually (Gemini).  The friction would affect our communications and vehicles (third house).

The square to Juno in Libra would indicate tension (square) between aspiring (Uranus) and negotiating (Juno) fairly (Libra).  The square to Vesta in Scorpio would indicate tension (square) between aspiring (Uranus) and dedicating (Vesta) ourselves intensely and emotionally (Scorpio).  Both the negotiating (Juno) and dedicating (Vesta) would be applied to the area of friendship (eleventh house) and the tension (square) would be with joint resources (eight house) and would affect our modes of transportation and our media (third house).

The trines to our Ascendent in Scorpio and North Node in Sagittarius indicate and easy flow of energy (trine) between our aspirations (Uranus) and our emotionally intense (Scorpio) personality (Ascendent), as well as the popularity (North Node) of our wild (Sagittarius) land and sea (first house).   The sextile to the South Node in Gemini provides opportunities (sextile) from linking aspirations (Uranus) with that which is intellectually (Gemini) unpopular (South Node).  Uranus provides an flowing link (trine and sextile) between the unpopular (South Node) and the popular (North Node) or from the past (South Node) to the future (North Node).   The easy flow of energy (trines and sextile) would affect our media, schools, and vehicles (third house) through easiness (trine and sextile) in our goal (Uranus) to get taxes (eighth house).

The Sibly Chart

The Sibly chart has the Moon in Aquarius, Pallas in Aquarius, and Ceres in Pisces in the third house.  Aquarius is on the third house cusp and Pisces is intercepted (totally contained within) in the third.  With Aquarius on the third house cusp, as with the constitution chart, we would approach our communications, methods of locomotion, and local schools (third house) would be eclectic, unusual, electric, and inventive (Aquarius).  However, unlike the constitution chart, over time a more idealistic, oily, visionary, or confused (Pisces) approach would come out.  With an intercepted sign, the third house is large, thus we would have a lot of focus here.

The Moon and Pallas

The Moon in a chart for a country represents the country’s method of caring, nurturing, and protecting.  With the Moon in the third house in Aquarius, we would nurture and protect (Moon) electrically and fraternally (Aquarius) our neighborhoods and schools (third house).  We would care intellectually, in a fixed manner (Aquarius), about our cars, trucks, trains – vehicles in general (third house).

The Moon made just one aspect, a conjunction to Pallas.  Pallas, the major asteroid of the daughter, represents integrating disparate things – like ideas – in the area of its placement. As a nation, our nurturing and protecting (Moon) would be closely tied with integrating (Pallas) our ideas, neighborhoods, vehicles, and(or) schools (third house).


In the Sibly chart, Ceres was in the third house in Pisces.  Ceres is the major asteroid (now dwarf planet) of the mother and represents loving – particularly a mother’s loving of her child – and cycling as in the cycling of the seasons.  In the third house, a mother’s loving and releasing her children (Ceres) would be a theme in our stories (third house), as would the cycling of the seasons (Ceres).  Ceres is square Uranus in the sixth house in Gemini and sequiquadrate Mercury in the eighth house in Cancer.

Ceres square Uranus indicates that cycling (Ceres) our ideas and modes of transportation (third house) would cause struggle (square) when we upheave (Uranus) our armed services or our national health (sixth house), as well as electrifying (Uranus) our farms (sixth house).  Ceres sesquiquadrate Mercury indicates agitation (sesqiquadrate) between our ideas (third house) cycling (Ceres) and our thinking (Mercury) about sex, death, and taxes (eighth house).

The Ruler Uranus

The ruler of the third house is Uranus, since Aquarius is on the cusp of the house.  Uranus is the energy of radicalizing, befriending, goal setting, and aspiring.  Uranus was placed in the sixth house, near the cusp of the seventh house, in Gemini.  One interpretation would be that we would radicalize (Uranus) our national health and armed services (sixth house) intellectually (Gemini), and radicalizing would be behind our communications, vehicles, and schools.  With Uranus close to the cusp of the seventh house, radicalizing (Uranus) in the area of national health and armed services (sixth house) would be done with the goal (on cusp) of peace, war, or fairness (seventh house), among other things.

Uranus was square Ceres in the third house in Pisces and semisquare Mercury in the eighth house in Cancer.  Both aspects are active aspects, so the energy behind the third house would be active.  The square was covered two paragraphs ago.  The semisquare to Mercury might indicate an irritating influence (semisquare) between intellectual (Gemini) goal setting (Uranus) for our national health (sixth house) and patriotic (Cancer) thinking (Mercury) about sex, death, and taxes (eighth house).

The Co-Ruler Neptune

Co-ruling the third house is Neptune since Neptune rules Pisces and Pisces is intercepted in (totally contained within) the third house.  Neptune was placed in the ninth house in Virgo and represents confusing, idealizing, dissimulating, withdrawing, to name some energies.  In the ninth house, the confusing, idealizing, dissimulating, and withdrawing is applied to our legal system, religious beliefs, dealings with foreigners and foreign countries, and institutions of higher learning, to name some ninth house areas.  In Virgo,the energies would be applied with an eye to detail, in an orderly, clean, and discriminating way.

Neptune was sextile Mercury in the eighth house in Cancer, square Mars in the seventh house in Gemini, semisquare the North Node in the eighth house in Leo, and sequiquadrate the South Node in the second house in Aquarius.  With a mix of soft and active aspects the energy that would come out over time (Pisces intercepted) would motivate communications, vehicles, and schools in our country (third house) in a comfortable and edgy way (the aspects).

Neptune in the ninth in Virgo sextile Mercury in the eight in Cancer would indicate opportunities (sextile) between idealizing (Neptune) our belief system (ninth house) reasonably (Virgo) and communicating (Mercury) our desperation (eighth house) privately (Cancer), among other things.  The opportunities (sextile) would affect our local areas (third house).

Neptune square Mars in the seventh house in Gemini would indicate that idealizing (Neptune) our belief system (ninth h0use) reasonably (Virgo) would cause problems (square) with energizing (Mars) our allies (seventh house) thoughtfully (Gemini).  The result of our struggle (square) would affect our local areas (third house).

Neptune semisquare the North Node in the eighth house in Leo and sesqiquadrate the South Node in the second house in Aquarius would indicate idealizing (Neptune) our belief system (ninth house) reasonably (Virgo) would cause irritation (semisquare) with proud (Leo) popularity and good timing (North Node) in the area of sex, death, and taxes (eighth house) and agitation (sesquiquadrate) about egalitarian (Aquarius) unpopularity and poor timing (South Node) in the area of our money and values (second house).  This is an active set of energies which would link popularity (North Node) and unpopularity (South Node) to our vehicles and local areas (third house), among other things.