USA Chart Comparison: The Fifth House

In this blog post, I look at the fifth houses of the constitution and Sibly charts of the USA. The fifth house of a nation’s chart represents, among other things, children and children’s issues, leadership, primary teaching, the entertainment industry of the country, the gambling industry too, and speculation in the stock market. I will start with the constitution chart.

The Constitution Chart

In the constitution chart, the fifth house has Aries on the cusp. With Aries on the fifth, our entertainment, stock, and gambling industries would be competitive and assertive. Our approach to primary teaching would be pioneering. We would expect our children to strive.

Mars as Ruler of the Fifth House

None of the points that I am using are found in the fifth house. Since there are no points in the house, Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the only direct influence on the fifth house. With Mars in the third house in Aquarius, our motivation for having fun might be to act in an experimental way on our vehicles; the energy behind our entertainment industries could be described as that of acting electrically on stories; our approach toward our children might come out of energizing children’s teachers radically.

Mars was trine Juno in the eleventh house in Libra and square the Scorpio ascendant, just a couple of aspects. The two aspects indicate the energy behind our childhood issues, our entertainment industry, and our stock market would be a combination of ease and struggle. Since the fifth house contains no points, there would be no energy focused out of our “fun” stuff. With just two aspects to the ruler and not points in the house, fifth house affairs should be uncomplicated.

Mars Square Ascendant and Trine Juno

The square to the Ascendant was covered under the first house, but might indicate that we would struggle in integrating our critically watery appearance with energizing our eclectic vehicles, which would affect our speculations and entertainment. The trine to Juno in the eleventh house would indicate an easy flow of energy between taking action locally and drawing toward ourselves our aspirations. The easy flow would affect our children, stock markets, and entertainment industries.

The Sibly Chart

In the Sibly chart, 29 degrees of Aries is on the fifth house cusp. Since the Sibly chart is strictly a speculative chart – that is, not based on precise timing – I will delineate each of the rulers of Aries and Taurus as the house ruler. Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Taurus. In the Sibly chart, Mars was in Gemini and Venus was in Cancer. Both were in the seventh house. The Sibly chart has just the asteroid Vesta in the fifth house – of the points that I use.

Vesta in the Fifth House

Vesta in a national chart would show what the country devotes itself to, where we center ourselves, and how we burn the hearth fires, among other things. With Vesta in the fifth house in Taurus, we would devote ourselves in a practical and monetary way to our children, speculation, and having fun. Our hearth fires would burn through our entertaining ourselves. We would be centered in our leadership.

Vesta was inconjunct Juno in the tenth house is Libra and trine the mean Lilith in the ninth house in Virgo. The inconjunct and trine would indicate anxious, mixed with easy, energies when we devote ourselves – but none of the active, driving energies of the square, semisquare, or sequiquadrate.

Vesta Inconjunct Juno and Trine Lilith

The inconjunct to Juno might indicate anxiety between culturally drawing alliances towards us and devoting ourselves practically to our leadership role. The trine to Lilith might indicate an easy flow of energy between our analytically feministing about our beliefs and our stably devoting ourselves to our children.

Mars as Ruler of the Fifth House

If Aries is on the fifth house cusp, the house would be ruled by Mars. Mars was in the 7th house in Gemini. The Mars aspects were covered in the post on the fourth house and were a mix of easy and hard aspects, indicating that there would be some struggle and some ease in our acting on our sense of justice, which would drive our approach to our children, our entertainment industry, and our stock markets.

Venus as Ruler of the Fifth House

If Taurus is on the fifth house cusp, the house would be ruled by Venus, which was in the seventh house in Cancer in the Sibly chart. Venus made no aspects to the points that I use, for the aspects and orbs that I am using. Since Venus makes no close aspects, the planet acts on its own without strong influence from the other points. In the seventh in Cancer, Venus would be about sensing our allies and enemies instinctively; about emotionally feeling our policies with regard to marriage and divorce. The emotional energy would affect our children, gambling, leadership, and stock markets.