Black Unemployment

Here is a link to a variety of unemployment and employment statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

After selecting the data at which to look (check the boxes to the left in the column of descriptions, then go to the bottom of the list and click on “retrieve data”), plotting the data is easy to do – just click the “include graphs” box and then the blue “go” circle, toward the top of the form. The plots show that the overall unemployment rate and the unemployment rates in the racial/ethnic subclasses have been going down in a mainly linear fashion since January of 2010 or 2011. Most of the fall since the recession was during Obama’s administration.

Trump is correct that the unemployment rate for Blacks or African/Americans is currently 5.9 (June 2018). For once, Trump was not lying.

At the middle of the first year of his administration, July 2017, the rate was 7.1, so in a year we have seen about a one point drop, which agrees with the yearly decreases under both Obama and Trump. Whether the levels are the lowest ever, I do not know, but I do not think Trump does either.

I chose to look at the data from Trump’s administration six months in because, with a new presidency, there is a period of adjustment as policies from the former administration are phased out and the policies of the new administration are put in place.


Women’s Plight

Most women reference themselves with regard to a man. When it comes to sex, when I was young (I am 66), women were told to control themselves in order to have a male to reference to. And, even now, the combination of being responsible for children and lower earnings potential puts women in a tenuous position.

Men took for granted that they had a right to sex, even if they do not pursue the right. Male sexual drive was taken for granted. Women had no such assumption behind their sexual drives. We were faced with terror if we gave into our drives, except within highly restricted roles.

I am trying to get at the rage women often feel toward women who are sexually active. There are often deep pains involved in not giving in to a man who wants sex. For society, the sacrifice was payed back with the destruction of those women who had been sexually active.

I am afraid that there is a cultural phenomena that gives us the assumption that women use sex to use men (and a sub phenomena that sexually active women were “trying to get your husband”). It gets tiresome. The assumption is so inherent that it is almost impossible to think of a woman having sex with a man outside of marriage and to not think that she is getting something from the man other than sex.

The rage is powerful and probably below the level of consciousness. And the rage has destroyed many women’s lives. But, I believe those sacrifices made by those of us who had sex outside of marriage have led to change. Access to sex for women is more accepted, more common, than it was. We are making progress and, I believe, sexual freedom is a valid and good goal.