Birth of Christ

I thought I would put this up for Christmas.

The birth date of Christ is probably May 29, 7 BC, at around 4:37 AM GMT + 2, as discovered by astrologer Christine Arens. She searched the digital skies for many years to find the date and time.

On that day, Jupiter was within one minute of longitude of Saturn, both in (tropical) Pisces – the sign associated with the Jewish people. The day was also the day of the new moon.

One piece of support for this birth date is that future kings, at that time, were thought to be born on the new moon with the new moon rising on the ascendant. One place where the Sun and Moon were rising at the time of the new moon was Bethlehem. Astrologers would have seen the event coming up, which would explain why the wise men (astrologers) came searching for the king of the Jews.

Many of the other descriptions in the Bible of the birth are also supported by this birth date; for example, at the time of the new moon, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was a bright “star” high in the eastern sky.

At dawn in Bethlehem on that day the Sun and Moon were within one minute of longitude of each other and Jupiter and Saturn were also. (As a statistician, I guesstimated that the two conjunctions being that close at the same time occurs every few thousand years or so.)

This link opens to an article on Christine Aren’s discovery:

Eight Year Review

When I started this blog a bit over eight years ago, I was writing about my illness and the nutrition supplement approach to healing the illness. At the time I thought the reason the pharmaceutical industry was sabotaging those who support the nutritional approach was because supplements were a cheap approach from which they could not make money. Now I suspect that the treating of mental illness with supplements is actually a good deal more expensive than using prescription drugs in terms of the actual cost of making the medicines. My experience with psychotropic medicines and nutritional supplements makes me favor the nutritional approach rather than using medicine to shut down the mind.

My treatment now is a small amount of anti-psychotic and anti-depressant: a gluten, casein, and egg free diet; and prescribed supplements. I am doing better, especially if I stick to the diet, but still have some problem with the noise in my head – particularly if I eat food with casein. I have pretty much succeeded at eliminating gluten from my diet. If you want to try the nutritional approach, I advise that you work with a health care professional who has experience with the approach and knows what he or she is doing.