Trump’s Motivation from my Paranoid Mind

Trump is a smart person.  I think he knows that climate change is real.  He can afford to hire the best scientists investigate why, and probably has.  I watched him play the working class, religious people in this country in the election.  He continues to.   (I am closer to that working class than the upper middle class in terms of the people I have a connection to.)  I watched Trump let leaders in the conservative movement project onto him what they thought he stood for while he stayed detached.  My husband is a Trump support.  I think he feels that Trump is a man of the people.  Trump is a very rich person and has been all of his life.  His interest is money – when asked if he was racist, is children said he is not interested in race, just money.

So what is going on?  The special counsel Mueller released some information on Trump’s ties with the Russian business leaders.  Apparently, they are extensive and close.

Russia is a high latitude, almost totally landlocked country.  I remember from high school history that being landlocked has been a long time concern of Russia.  It is known that the Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on earth (which is the cause of the polar vortex currently happening).  If the Arctic goes ice free, Russia may be able to open ports in the Arctic, though the weather perhaps would still be bad enough to preclude shipping.

Russia may also think that the warming of the climate would open the steppes to agriculture.

I think Trump is actively taking action to destabilize the economies of the world.  Maybe he thinks that the terror of economic depression will help his goals.  Maybe he really is racist, since the highest cost of climate change will be on the brown and black peoples of the world.  Maybe he is a being used the Russians to destroy the world economy in exchange in return for real estate deals. The Russians may want to take over the world, and may see this as a way.

From what I have seen of his behavior, he is more concerned about the realms of emotion and spirit than the realms of the physical and a quiet mind, where most of us live.  I have observed that some Catholics, and some people of other churches, make a game of bullying people on the psychic level – those who have beliefs they do not like. I think that these religious people think that because they can do this, their religion is true.  A simpler explanation for the psychic power is that all of us can influence the internal worlds of others like we can in the physical.  It does not require religion.  I believe Trump very consciously manipulated these types of energies over decades, to win the electoral college.  Trump probably only sees them as a road to power.

Putting Cent in the USA Charts

Here are the two charts that I looked at a few years ago, with the point Cent added.  Cent is the closer midpoint of the celestial centaurs Chiron and Pholus, the only two civil centaurs in Greek mythology.  I currently delineate Cent as the ruler of Virgo, and as the exalted ruler of Sagittarius.




In the Constitution chart, Cent falls in Aries in the 5th house.  Cent provides the missing opposition in the Constitution chart.  Cent is sextile Pluto and Venus, semisquare the Moon, square Jupiter, and opposite Neptune.  Cent rules the Midheaven and the Part of Fortune, and is exalted ruler of the North Node.

With Cent in the 5th house, ruling the 10th house, we would be known for our entertainment industry, our ability to lead, our stock market, and our children.  With Cent in Aries, we would be innovative and pioneering in these areas.

With Cent sextile Pluto and Venus in the 3rd house, there is an aspect of opportunity between laboring in the area of creations and powering and making money from cars and other modes of local transportation, schools, neighborhoods and neighbors, and modes of communication.  With Cent semisquare the Moon in the 7th house, there is an energizing aspect of irritation between laboring in the area of creations and caring about  allies, open enemies, justice and lawsuits, and the state of marriages.

With Cent square Jupiter in the 8th house and opposite Neptune in the 11th house, conflicts would exist between criticizing our leaders, trusting our resourcefulness, and idealizing our belief in universal siblinghood.  Or between our sense of importance, our level of joint finances, and our political processes.   The Cent, Jupiter, and Neptune configuration is a T square, which is highly energetic and would focus our energy into the area of money, values, and possessions.



In the Sibly chart, Cent was in Aries too, but in the 4th house.  Cent was trine the Ascendant, sextile Vulcan, semisquare the Moon, sextile Uranus, closely square the Sun, and opposite Saturn.  With Cent in Aries in the 4th house, we would labor in an innovative and pioneering way in our lands and homes.

With Cent trine the Sagittarius Ascendant, we would have an easy flow of energy between reasoning about our roots and our being aware of ourselves as free.  With Cent sextile Vulcan in the 3rd house, there would be opportunities to link our roots with our ideas through reasoning and negotiating.

With Cent semisquare the Moon in the 3rd house and square the Sun in the 7th house, there would be struggle between reasoning about patriotism, caring about our values, and leading in the area of marriage.   With Cent sextile Uranus in the 6th house, there would be opportunities to link reasoning about patriotism with radicalizing our work ethic.  With Cent opposite Saturn in the 10th house (and square the Sun – forming a T square), we would struggle with integrating our reasoning with our governing (and with our leading.)  The T square would focus our energy into our awareness, our appearance, and how others see us..