I am a consulting statistician with my own business.  Central Iowa is my home, where I live a quiet life with my husband and our cat.  I grew up in Hull, Massachusetts.  When I was fourteen (1965-1966), my parents and I spent most of a year living in Mexico City, then returned to Hull.  Later, I spent seven years in Oregon, going to Reed College and, afterward, looking for work and working.  I returned home from Oregon in the winter of 1976-1977, developed psychosis that  spring and have been under treatment since.  In 1980, I started going to Recovery meetings (a life saver) and have been a leader since 1993.  I moved  to Iowa in 1983 to go to graduate school at Iowa State.  I met my future husband that fall.  My husband is a native Iowan.  The spring of 1985, I got my MS and my parents, my aunt and I took a month long trip to Norway.  We went to the homes of my eight great grandparents and I met some of my Norwegian cousins.  That summer, I  got married.  I got my PhD in 1992.  Since then, I have done some work; part time for ISU, some teaching at a local community college, and some routine labor, as well as working for myself in my consulting business.

I like to read, attempt to garden, am an amateur radio operator (kb0mpl), and write not particularly good poems, some of which have been published in Lyrical Iowa.


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