Trump’s Expletive

A few days ago, Trump called some countries in Africa an expletive which I will not repeat.  What a short memory he has.  Not too many years have passed since Germany – his father’s homeland – was an ‘expletive’ and created a war.  Many refugees from Germany and other parts of Europe tried to get to America to escape violence.  We did not let them all in – of which we are now ashamed.  Germany and all of Europe recovered and now have stable, prosperous democracies.

Personally, I think the future of the world belongs to Africa.  The expletives Trump mentioned are countries beset by war and turmoil – a result of the effects on the weather of climate change and of greed for mining riches from minerals used in our computing devices.   I think the countries of Africa will come out of the turmoil and rebuild their civilizations.  We will want them as friends.


Houses in the Horoscope

Houses are nouns, so the cardinal, fixed, and mutable crosses as applied to the 12 houses would be described by nouns.  Years ago, I came up with thought, reason, knowledge, and understanding as the mutable cross, but nothing for the other two crosses.  I think I have a better way now.  Cardinal associates with action, fixed with support, and mutable with curiosity. Fire houses are associated with the spirit, earth houses with the physical, air houses with the intellect, and water houses with the emotions.  Here is a quick description of the houses.

Action – The Cardinal Cross

The first house is action of the spirit. Here we find awareness and the ability to project the spirit. The fourth house is action of the emotions. Here we find to comfort and protection. The seventh house is action of the intellect. Here we find social urges and close relationships. The tenth house is action of the physical. Here we find material ambition and pragmatic achievement.

Support – The Fixed Cross

The second house is support of the physical. Here we find pleasures of the senses, as well as money and possessions.  The fifth house is support of the spirit.  Here we find leaders – who support the spirits of their followers; also we find children and other creations. The eighth house is support of the emotions. Here we find courage and the occult, as well as sex, death, and taxes. The eleventh house is support of the intellect. Here we find the people and organizations that give us verbal support – friends and groups; as well as hopes and aspiration.

Curiosity – The Mutable Cross

The third house is curiosity of the intellect. Here we find the local environment, as well as siblings, thoughts, and communications. The sixth house is curiosity of the physical. Here we find labor and health, as well as the ordering of our days. The ninth house is curiosity of the spirit. Here we find higher education, the foreign and foreigners, and religion and other belief systems. The twelfth house is curiosity of the emotions. Here we find withdrawal from the world, compassion, sorrow, and the hidden.

Tax Bill (December 2017)

The Republican tax bill (December 2017) will give most of the tax cuts to the wealthy.  I fear that the wealthy will invest a large part of their extra income into investment vehicles like the stock market – with the result that the stock market, and other such vehicles, will rise to unprecedented levels – but I am quite sure that that the rise will be a bubble.  I do not think the  stock market, or other vehicles, will be able to absorb the extra money into new business – which the Republicans are claiming will be the effect of the cut.  To grow the economy, I think we need to grow demand – from the bottom up, not the top down.  We shall see, since the bill is likely to pass.

21st century science

At the end of the 19th century, physicists thought they had reached the final frontier of their science. They felt everything was explained, with just a few loose ends to tie up. This was not true. By 1920, the fields of quantum mechanics and relativity were wide open.

Are we in a similar place here in the 21st century? I suspect knowledge of consciousness is the new frontier.

Two Aphorisms

Karma – not that you will be punished for what you do wrong and rewarded for what you do right over lifetimes – is that you only know what you know – and in life you expand knowledge.

Prejudice – thinking you know something about someone because you know something about someone.



Here is another thought that has been running around in my mind for a long time.  I remember reading many years ago about a study that found that, when it comes to taking care of the helpless within a society, the larger the organization of the society, the poorer the care of the helpless.  (I would really like to know the source of the the article, but I do not remember.) In other words, with villages, the care of the helpless is good.  In big cities, indigents die of cold under bridges.  We really need to take the disparity into account when we form public policy.

A Couple Poems I Wrote

The Normalization of Prostitution Angers Me

It started minor enough –
jokes about hookers –
Letterman –
most nights.

Are the writers being payed off?

The sexual exploitation of women,
men are loath to give it up.

Last night – The Big Bang Theory –
“What are you doing with that girlfriend?
You’re only with her for sex.
Don’t you know you can and
should pay for sex with a hoe?”

To me, prostitution, one of the ugliest
manifestations of a sexist society.

How much did the criminal mobs
lose when women were free?


Our Iowa Motto

From, mostly, the Center for Disease Control,
for 2013, for the USA – some deaths with numbers.

suicides, 41,149
motor vehicle accidents, 35,369
firearms (except suicides), 11,713
mothers’ – from the birth process, 729
war – in Afghanistan – US military, 119

18 from jihadist terrorist attacks

Every life is important – we count each one.

Dr. Low –
the incomparable Dr. Low,
we know that angry temper arises out of
a sense of being deliberately wronged,
not the accidental.

Iowa’s motto,
“Our liberties we prize
and our rights we will maintain.”