The 144 Paths: Gemini South Node – Sagittarius North Node Through the Houses

Gemini – 1st house South Node : Sagittarius – 7th house North Node

Came into this life with versatility in the personality,  approaching your body curiously, projecting outward wittily and intelligently.  Are learning to relate freely, to deal with your open enemies legally, to be trusting in your marriage and other close partnerships.

Gemini – 2nd house South Node : Sagittarius – 8th house North Node

Came into this world with intellectual and flexible values, a curious focus on your personal possessions and money, a talkative approach to earning.  Are learning to be trusting when it comes to support from others, to be faithful with regard to sex, to be adventurous with other people’s money.

Gemini – 3rd house South Node : Sagittarius – 9th house North Node

Came into this world knowing about getting out and about in the neighborhood, knowing about taking an curious approach to school, knowing about being intellectual about vehicles.  Are learning to approach higher learning joyfully, to be expansive in your belief system, to be trusting of the foreign and foreigners.

Gemini – 4th house South Node : Sagittarius – 10th house North Node

Came into this world knowing civility in the home and with your same sex parent, curiosity about roots and gardening, being witty with babies.  Are learning to establish a reputation for broad jokes, an expansive approach to government, trust in your opposite sex parent.

(Here, I am not taking into account homosexual marriage.  Also, there is controversy in the astrological community as to which parent is assigned to the 4th or 10th house.  However, the 4th and 10th houses are the houses of the two parents.)

Gemini – 5th house South Node : Sagittarius – 11th house North Node

Came into this world knowing about verbal fun, versatile showmanship, with a curiosity about children and a mental approach to the creative process.  Are learning to approach groups expansively, to bring an attitude of trust and exploration to friendship, to set goals in an optimistic way.

Gemini – 6th house South Node : Sagittarius – 12th house North Node

Came into this life knowing how to intellectually order your days; curious about work and labor; verbal with small and farm animals; intrigued by health and nutrition, also farming and the armed services.  Are learning to explore the world within; to be optimistic about that which is behind the scenes; to withdraw, give in, give up philosophically.

Gemini – 7th house South Node : Sagittarius – 1st house North Node

Came into this world knowing about being civil in close relationships, partnerships, and with public enemies; knowing about giving intellectual power over to others; with a curiosity about the public.  Are learning to explore putting yourself first, to be big and optimistic in projecting your personality, to be foreign or religious in your appearance.

Gemini – 8th house South Node : Sagittarius – 2nd house North Node

Came into this life knowing about being rational with regard to taxes, being verbal in the face of desperate circumstances, using a mental approach to getting support from others.  Are learning to use an approach based on knowledge to support yourself, to build philosophical values, to expansively and optimistically make money.

Gemini – 9th house South Node : Sagittarius – 3rd house North Node

Came into this world knowing a thoughtful life philosophy, curiosity about the foreign, duality in your belief system.  Are learning to make getting around in your local environment adventurous, to explore facts, to be wild with siblings, neighbors, and cousins.

Gemini – 10th house South Node : Sagittarius – 4th house North Node

Came into this world knowing how be chatty and witty with your same sex parent, how to use words to boss, curious about the government and governing.  Are learning to be adventurous with your opposite sex parent, to let wildness prevail in your home, to be philosophical about your roots.

Gemini – 11th house South Node : Sagittarius – 5th house North Node

Came into this world knowing how to make friends verbally; to make intellectual, flexible plans; to be a restless, curious member of the audience.  Are learning to be philosophical with children, to take center stage religiously, to create wildly, to be foreign as a leader.

Gemini – 12th house South Node : Sagittarius – 6th house North Node

Came into this world knowing an intellectual approach to dreams, a thoughtful approach to behind the scenes activities, civility with your hidden enemies, curiosity about large animals.  Are learning to be wild with small animals, religious about daily routines, philosophical about the military, expansively busy.