A Little Bit More

It is an astrological truism, and consistent with my observations, that the world is made up of the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the world of spirit. We understand, through science, the physical world very well. I believe the current disbelief in science comes from our poor scientific knowledge of the mental and emotional worlds.

I have lived with the mental and emotional violence of the psychotic side of mental illness off and on for over 40 years now. (They do not call the disease madness for nothing. I am recovering, slowly, through the help of Recovery International meetings and the diet and nutritional supplements prescribed by the doctor at the Pfeiffer Medical Center. I have been working with Pfeiffer for seven years now and have been going to Recovery meetings for about 37 years. Over this time, I have been under the care of a psychiatrist at all times and I continue to take low levels of an antipsychotic and an antidepressant medicines.)

Because of my experience with the noise in my head and the violence done to me by persons trying to shut the violence down, also people I suspect were profiting from my energy, I have experienced the force of people manipulating my emotional and mental worlds. The world is full of people who manipulate mental and emotional energy – often members of religions trying to force their beliefs on others – or criminals trying to influence sports, elections, or games of chance, or – one of my more frightening thoughts – providing sensual experiences to those in prison – or writers looking for material for our media.

At the same time, scientists say there are no psychic forces that are real. A lot of people know this is not true. Also, since sexual energy is often manipulated and is powerful, many people are frightened by the movement towards “sexual freedom”, which many scientists have followed.

But, as much as there is a poor understanding of the emotional (the sexual energy falls under the emotions, as well as the spirit, in astrology) and mental worlds, we understand the physical world very well. We understand the physical world very well.

Please, please, please realize climate change is real. We are in great physical danger.