Veterans Administration Scandal

We have a Republican Senate candidate in our state attacking the Democratic candidate for missing many Veterans Affairs Committee meetings now that there is a scandal about restrictions in care at the Veteran Administration hospitals and clinics.  The Democratic candidate was on the Veteran Affairs Committee in the 112th Congress but is not in the current 113th Congress.  It seems to me if either party is to blame for the situation, it is the slash and cut Republicans, who have been underfunding government services for years now.

Telemedicine for abortions outlawed in Iowa

Recently the Iowa Board of Medicine outlawed using telemedicine for abortions using pills.  The coverage on television had statements from Planned Parenthood and a anti-abortion spokeswoman.  The anti-abortion woman ended with the statement that Iowa women are now safer.  I do not think this is true.

Abortion at the early stages of pregnancy is very minor with little risk.  As the pregnancy progresses, abortions are riskier.  I am not sure, but I suspect the risk increases until the riskiest event of all – birth.  I am quite certain that, with the ban on telemedicine abortions, women will be having abortions later in the pregnancy – therefore be at a greater health risk.  This is because, I suspect, it would usually take more time to arrange to get to a city with an abortion provider.